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About Chris Duncan

Maker of the Graphics.

Hello, my name is Chris Duncan. I’m currently working as a Sr. Graphic Designer at SnugZ USA in Salt Lake City (well… maybe closer to West Jordan if you want to get technical), Utah. Here’s a little bit about me as a designer if your care to know. I promise to try and keep it short.

When You Don’t Know That You Don’t Know

I didn’t know I wanted to be a Graphic Designer until I was doing it. In fact, the possibility had never crossed my mind. But that first job of reworking thousands of vitamin labels, to make them FDA compliant, was where I first touched the thing I was meant to do. It is where I learned the importance maintaining consistency throughout a brand. Where I learned how to design around strict requirements outside my control. Where I learned about the printing process and how to get up at 2:00 am to do a press check. I’d had a lot of jobs at that point in my life, but none of them excited me like this. I was learning all sorts of new and exciting things. Each new experience only making me want to learn even more.

When it was suggested the Creative Services department take on the corporate intranet, I eagerly volunteered. I saw it as an opportunity to take what I was learning and apply it to an entirely different medium. It was tough going at first, but I taught myself HTML, JavaScript, ASP/VBScript, Flash and ActionScript. When the first analytics came back from the redesign, the corporate intranet had seen a 400% boost in use! We had turned it into an information and service portal for employees and they were using it! We had only added content from H.R. and Creative Services and suddenly every department in the company wanted in on the action.

And Then…

That was my entry into graphic design. Since then I have worked with so many great people on so many projects ranging from identity to websites to video and yes, even business forms (everyone has to fill them out – how can designers make them better?). Every project has been a privilege and a pain in its own way… but I don’t think I would ever take any of them back. Time always provides perspective and of course there are things that I would do different now because I’m human. And I’d like to think I’ve grown – professionally and personally.

It Never Ends and I’m Okay With That

I have discovered on my journey that I enjoy creating brand identity the most. It’s a discovery process where I get to learn a whole bunch of new things about an industry I usually know nothing about. Even when I think I know a business I end up surprised at what I didn’t know. I then get to take that information, dissect it and put it back together to tell a story and pass on ideas to other people. What’s not to like?

Without a doubt, part of being a good storyteller is knowing when to end the story and for this one, the time is now. Thanks for sticking it out. Please take a look around the rest of the site and let me know what you think. I welcome your critiques, comments and questions.

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