Privacy Policy

Personal Information

Everyone knows the importance of keeping private information private. I figured some of you will want to know how I collect and use the information I obtain from you. Here it is in plain english.

  • I only collect information about you by lawful, transparent means and for legitimate purposes.
  • I only collect and use the necessary information required to fulfill a request initiated by you.
  • Your information is only kept for as long as it takes to complete that request.
  • I will use reasonable security practices to keep your personal information safe.
Google Analytics

I use Google Analytics on my site so I can see what people are looking at and provide better quality content. Information is collected in aggregate and never used (by me) for anything other than site analytics. If you want to know more, you can read more about analytics and what the good folks over at Google do with your information.


This site collects email addresses from users solely for the purpose of responding to inquiries and comments. I will never use your email to send you anything you have not specifically requested or signed up to receive. If you want your email address permanently removed from any database maintained by me, all you have to do is ask.


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