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The Digidocs logo uses color and shape to communicate the dual nature of media living in both the physical and digital realms.

Logo Design


Project Date: 2009



Digidocs is a copy center owned and operated by my mom. When I designed the logo, the business provided scanning, indexing and archiving of any type of physical documents. The business later transitioned to include a copy center and the logo got some slight adjustments — moving the paper-to-digital "yin-yang" icon from top and center to inline-left and adding copy center to the tagline.

The Client

Digidocs was originally home based and provided document digitization with archiving solutions. In 2010 the business was transitioned into a walk-in copy center and began providing a full array of office services to residents and businesses in Tooele County and surrounding areas. Today the business has two locations (Tooele and Grantsville) and is the only FedEx Authorized Ship Center in Tooele County.

Solutions & Insights

Digidocs faced some very unique circumstances from the private contractor/home-based business model. Plus, with the sensitive nature of the documents being handled, it was clear that reputation and customer confidence were extremely important success factors for this small business.

Initial meetings revealed a need to reassure potential customers that the business was established and capable while not coming off as overly "tech-y." The goal was to create an identity that represented the what the service did and balanced out its more technical nature with a friendly face.

The final combination mark meets these requirements by combining an icon which represents paper and its pixelated digital counterpart. The use of cyan combines the "safe and secure" appeal associated with the color blue and brightness of the tech industry. The lowercase serif typeface brings an easy and friendly appeal.

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