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In print or on the web, form design needs to be approached thoughtfully and with intent.

Form Design

Docere Clinics

Project Date: 2012 - 2014


I've heard it said that the only thing worse than filling out a form is having to design one. Well... maybe, but I have to stop myself from designering my underwear drawer sometimes.

The redesign of Docere Clinics' forms was intended to provide a clean, basic document that was easy for patients to fill out and easy for staff to read. Color was kept to a minimum and bright white stock proved to be cost effective and provided a clean, professional clinic feel.

The Client

Located in Park City, UT,  Dr. Adelson from Docere* Clinics has dedicated his practice to the treatment of musculoskeletal pain conditions. The small practice treats people from all corners of the US and even sees some international patients. Dr. Adelson is also considered an expert in his field and frequently provides training for Naturopathic Physicians.
*Docere is the latin verb, “to teach,” and is the root of the modern word doctor.

Solutions & Insights

Form design can be difficult because good form design requires the designer to traverse into usability and interaction — yes, even in print.

With Docere Clinics, the challenge was taking a mishmash of different design treatments and removing the unnecessary stuff to arrive at a cohesive and appropriate look that made sense. During this process, designs were presented that still incorporated some of the bold colors from previous iterations. In the end it was decided that a clean minimal look was integral to showing the Naturopathic practice in a professional and clinical light.

Forms were evaluated for relevant information, clear communication, and that field size was adequate to hold any requested information. A clear visual hierarchy was established and questions grouped to make it easier to understand why the information was being requested. These ideas may seem like they belong to the world of web form design, but when you get down to it, they are basics of any good communication and design.

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