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Corporate Identity

Docere Clinics

Project Date: 2011 - 2014


Clinic stationary, along with patient forms were redesigned using existing imagery but forgoing the heavy, bold colors used in the previous design. The result was a clean, clinical feel that gets out of the way. Dark gray and black were used on the website and marketing materials to provide contrast while maintaining a simplified cohesive palette.

The Client

Located in Park City, UT,  Dr. Adelson from Docere* Clinics has dedicated his practice to the treatment of musculoskeletal pain conditions. The small practice treats people from all corners of the US and even sees some international patients. Dr. Adelson is also considered an expert in his field and frequently provides training for Naturopathic Physicians.
*Docere is the latin verb, “to teach,” and is the root of the modern word doctor.

Solutions & Insights

When I first started working with Docere Clinics, their brand was all over the place. There were only a few pieces of literature that had met with designer hands — and those incorporated heavy, bold colors that seemed an inappropriate choice for a clinic concerned with professional appearance and patient confidence.

Wanting to keep as much brand recognition as possible, existing designs were broken down into their base components (graphic elements, colors, images, fonts, etc.), put together again and presented as cohesive design solutions. After some back-and-forth, and clarification, basic white was chosen for its simplicity and clinical feel.

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