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Simian Accouterments — Even I was thrilled about seeing everything playing so well together!

Marketing Materials

Happy Monkey Hummus

Project Date: 2010 - 2014



Marketing Materials is a very broad category that I am choosing to use for things like sellsheets, tradeshow swag, stickers and other miscellanea. The projects you see here span a couple of years and are the result of continuous message and visual refinement.

Seeing everything together for the first time like this — the result even surprised me. Of course, in this case, the same designer worked on every project and that doesn't always happen. Therefore, it is important that as designers we take time to explain the reasons behind design decisions and the importance of maintaining consistency across all forms of communication (touchpoints).

The Client

It is with dizzying infrequency you hear a success story that starts with the words "This one weekend in Vegas..." But that is just how my friends at Happy Monkey Hummus tell it. And while the outward appearance of the brand is all swinging from the trees fun, David and Erin are very passionate and bust monkey butt every day to make this business a success.

First appearing at the Downtown Salt Lake City Farmer's Market in 2009, HMH was immediately popular. On the first day, local CBS affiliate KUTV2 invited the Monkeys to appear during their lunchtime broadcast. Since then, Happy Monkey Hummus has gone from Saturday local farmers market to regional placement in major grocery retailers in five short years...

So glad this Monkey made it out of Vegas!

Solutions & Insights

Designing for Happy Monkey Hummus has always been fun. The Monkeys are very good at indulging some of my more silly ideas. Things like using "Silverback" and "Supreme Monkey Goddess" as titles on their Business Cards, and flavor names like "Buttnut" and "No Queso Pesto"don't work for everyone, but line up really well with the fun and charm of the Happy Monkey brand

The Sales Sheet or Sellsheet as it is sometimes called, is intended for use by sales teams and brokers to introduce the product and brand to potential retailers. It should effectively convey the brand's tone and personality and contain the information a retailer would need to place an order.

One of my favorite ideas (provided by the client) was the monkey masks. Handed out at a tradeshow they are like a little viral army carrying the brand far and wide. We included a QR code which linked to the website on the back for buyers and brokers wanting more information. They were an instant hit!

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