java bean logo and cup

Java Bean Logo and Darth Vader cup mockup.

Logo Design

Java Bean

Project Date: 2012


The owners of Java Bean wanted the brand to feel modern and fun without any of the "elitist attitude" sometimes found in a coffee house.

With approximately 80% of the town population leaving every weekday morning and returning each night, I chose to use a to-go cup to highlight the drive-thru service and speak to that portion of the market. I also felt that it reflected a more modern feel than a traditional cup and saucer approach. The misaligned, angular shapes provide an element of modern art to the design.

The Client

Java Bean is a full service coffee shop in rural hometown Utah. They supply a basic tenet of urban living to the tiny town of Grantsville, Utah. This is a second (but not secondary) business for my clients who own American Burgers (Tooele and Grantsville).

Solutions & Insights

I have never been a huge coffee drinker. I like it well enough, but let's just say (sorry for this) "It's not my cup of tea." Love the smell. Love the effect. I find the process of ordering anything outside the burnt gut-churning truck stop "cup-a-joe" variety confusing and unfriendly. In fact, I have this theory that the naming structure was put into place so "club members" can immediately spot people who don't belong.

The good news was I could draw on this perfectly normal paranoia to test design ideas against. The bad news was I would need to go "behind the lines" to do some research (I always like to put myself into the environment where a design will be experienced).  - To the Mustachery!

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