second nature logo

The final Second Nature logo with tagline

Logo Design

Second Nature

Project Date: 2014


The Second Nature logo was created for a line of whole food,* plant-based smoothies that owner Nate was planning to launch through his local Salt Lake City Whole Foods Market. The logo would then be incorporated into labels for the smoothies. The label also needed to be flexible so it could be incorporated into other products (meals, bars, etc.) as well as marketing materials and promo items.
*Whole food refers to using the entire fruit or vegetable.

The Client

Nate, Owner and CEO of Second Nature came to me when he was looking to create an identity for his line of whole-food, plant-based smoothies. While things had started small (a single blender and home deliveries to neighbors), the orders had reached a point where this was no longer a viable business model. He decided to follow his passion and take his home business to the next level. It was at this point we were introduced through another client of mine and we got to work creating his vision.

Solutions & Insights

The biggest hurdle in the beginning was the lack of a brand name.  At first glance, it might seem like an interesting exercise to design a logo that could work with multiple names. But for me, it ends there — as an exercise. Taking this approach will inevitably lead to the brand having no individuality. I've seen websites selling stock logos and the idea makes no sense to me. It defeats the purpose of having a brand. So the name had to come first.

To Nate's credit, he did have it narrowed down to two really solid ideas. I think he was hoping I would be more helpful in this area, but I felt they were both good choices and I was comfortable working with either one. The best I could do was to give him some feedback about imagery and tone and let him make his choice. In the meantime I began researching the industry.

I'm just gonna say it. The organic/healthy/green product industry has WAY too many leaves designed into it. Seems like everything from bottled water to kitty litter uses one. If there's a point beyond cliché this idea has reached it. So I knew I didn't want anything with a green leaf involved. The grocery store has enough logos and packages like that. As you can see from the sketches below, when brainstorming, you have to get those ideas out of the way before you can get to the good ones.

second nature preliminary sketches

Exploring shapes and ideas for the Second Nature logo.

When I'm designing a logo, I try to imagine the brand on many different scales. Thinking of it as just a local product limits your perception of what it can be. When you step out of that and start imagining it on the scale of a million dollar company, you can start to imagine how it will look on a billboard, or a semi, even a 747. It's a great exercise to get you seeing possibilities.

I think we arrived at a good place with the logo. It is simple, has an active feel and it stands well on its own without the context of the packaging. By extending the "t" up into the "c" a vague shape of a sprout is created with the drops at the top becoming leaves. It's a subtle hint of the plant-based nature of the products.

embroidered second nature logo

Logos are often used in a variety of circumstances. Be sure it can stand alone while remaining impactful.

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