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The Second Nature website leverages the power of Wordpress and child themes.

Theme Customization

Second Nature

Project Date: 2014


With the logo and label complete, Second Nature needed a website to direct buyers and consumers to for brand and product information. We chose to leverage the power, flexibility and speed of a WordPress child theme to accomplish this goal.

The Client

Nate, Owner and CEO of Second Nature came to me when he was looking to create an identity for his line of whole-food, plant-based smoothies. While things had started small (a single blender and home deliveries to neighbors), the orders had reached a point where this was no longer a viable business model. He decided to follow his passion and take his home business to the next level. It was at this point we were introduced through another client of mine and we got to work creating his vision.

Solutions & Insights

There are a ton of WordPress themes available out there. A lot of them free. I always look at the developer before I use a WP theme  — free or otherwise. If there isn't a website (it happens) there's no way. Also, the theme has to be responsive. It's just necessary in today's market. And it would be irresponsible to do otherwise.

I had selected a few themes as a starting point and built some quick mockups in illustrator for client review. Once the theme was selected and approved I moved into production.

I knew this project was going to require including the Nutrition Facts panels for the smoothies. I had done some looking online to see what others had done and was not really excited about what I saw - a lot of images of text. For this project, I really needed them to be text - preferably from the database and given what is currently possible with css there was no reason they couldn't look like the real thing. There were plugins available, but I didn't like the way they functioned or looked. My solution was to create some custom fields and shortcodes and build a simple widget to handle displaying them. The result was a nutrition panel that looked like the printed version, was searchable and accessible to the client for changes and additions.

nutrition facts panel

It was important for the Second Nature website to include Nutrition Facts in an editable and searchable format

The ability to use themes and add custom fields makes WordPress (and the others) so flexible and such a fantastic tool for quickly building data driven sites.

Testing was performed on as many system/browser combinations as I could get my hands on and through a testing simulator online. I still don't trust the accuracy of emulators but it's good to see what they say. It appeared that the parent theme developers had done their job correctly and covered pretty much anything anybody was going to use to view the site.

For this Project:

  • Wordpress Child Theme
  • PHP
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Dreamweaver
  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop

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